Web Development and Design

One of the many ways for businesses to prosper in modern times is to have a digital address, i.e., a website. But, people will only come to your website if you have a user-friendly web portal that includes an interesting layout and a responsive nature. The developers at Teqnite excel at all these services.
Our clients at Teqnite can rest assured that we also value their money and time with their user experience as a priority. The Teqnite’s web, Shopify, and WordPress web developers put all their hard work to ensure that the product they provide is glitch-free and secured to the best of accessible measures.
WE are proficient in CSS, HTML, PHP, and Javascript. So, we have solutions and development choices for you with a free hand because we literally know it all. Our developers are experts in front and backend development to tackle any problem that you’re facing.

Website Design

No matter how functional your website is, users may not like it that much if it doesn’t have an engaging interface. So, Teqnite’s UI designers are on a roll to fix it for you. We use smart tools and human brains to introduce a website design that speaks about your brand without you investing extra effort there.
We design your website’s layout to be responsive and lightweight. Either static or advanced websites, the website development, and design team will make it efficient enough to adjust to different screens accordingly.
The web development and UI design team at Teqnite address your concerns about an interactive website design and layout. With a little support or optimization, you can easily stand out from your competition.

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing adds life to your brand. It’s an umbrella that covers infographics, logos, brand labels, banners, pamphlets, social media posts, and more. Graphic designing can give your budding business a boom and can revitalize a falling empire by helping you build a positive image.

Teqnite has its own process for the graphic designs it delivers. The designers’ team at the company believes in the individuality of each design, so they always pick on the client’s particular details. The journey from the design of the logo as per its colors, size, and elements and bringing them from main focus to overall picture is the real game.

We follow an extensive process of logo creation:

Besides a detailed logo design process, Teqnite also values transparency in their transactions to provide clients the satisfaction of getting their value for money. We are efficient in our services, so the complete process hardly takes a week with us. We guarantee a unique and relevant logo design with a money-back guarantee.

Shopify Ecommerce Stores

Running an online business on Shopify is not a child’s play. It demands regular maintenance and checks for product organization and seamless user experience. Teqnite’s developers ease the burden off your shoulders and customize the store as you prefer.

Although Shopify has its own themes, it may not go with your business theme. No worries there. Our developers will take care of it. You just have to define your goals and leave the rest to us. We will design your shop with a richer UI.

Here’s How Setting Up a Shopify Store Will Help You:

These are among the top benefits that you get to experience if your online selling store is well-set and optimized. Our developers use SEO strategies to bring up your products so they get sold at a good pace.

Content Writing

One of the world’s richest men, Bill Gates, wrote a book ‘Content is King’ in 1996. Guess he was right then, but the statement stands more truthful today as everything is about content creation, marketing, or writing.

With that, let us introduce our magicians of language to you. The content writers at Teqnite Creative Agency are specially trained for content marketing, email marketing, social media posts, blogs, and articles.

The blogs that we will write for you will bring a good CTR (click-through rate) to your website, and with a touch of content marketing, your sales will improve too.

Our writers follow this process to get the job done:

Our writers will not do anything without thoroughly understanding what you want and take your voice to tell the world about your startup. We have a record of the functional sales funnel for our clients.

Mobile App Designing

Mobile apps are essential so that users can access your business easily and conveniently. We understand it, so we can improve and develop an engaging mobile app design or theme that will make your mobile applications look excellent.

You can enjoy these perks if you use graphic designing right. It doesn’t mean that you beat your brains when you already have a lot on your plate. An easy way out is hiring professionals like us to tackle the mobile app design issues at a very good price.

Even though mobile apps serve a wide range of purposes, they all require maximum usability, scalability, participation, and intuitive interface. A mobile app design helps with better retention rates, so Teqnite’s mobile app designers create a theme for you that matches your website and your business ideas.

Mobile applications enable animations far better than web pages do. Developers readily implement some display transitions. This is why, when developing with display design tools, Teqnite mobile app designers use transitions to make the app look interesting.


A smart branding solution can be a crucial marketing move for a firm. Teqnite recognizes this as a company’s pain point and addresses it with nothing but the proper branding strategy. Our digital marketers will immediately reply to this issue in the most efficient manner possible.

Teqnite offers a staff of branding professionals who can suggest the exact tactics that will entice clients to engage in your business. They keep up with current trends in order to tailor your branding to your target audience. That is how you will receive more leads from all over the world.

Teqnite creative agency does branding in different ways like:

A new product launch will be easy peasy lemon squeezy after your branding is in place and your name is well-known in the industry. Good branding will not only make your business get off to a good start, but it will also propel it to new heights in the long run if the standard is preserved.

Content Management

Content management system helps your business stay organized with bulks of content coming in every day. You may not have time to manage all of this which is why Teqnite is at stand for you.

We can spearhead your content management campaign in the given deadline without causing problems for you. Our content writers and WordPress experts can create, edit and manage your website content conveniently.

With our help in CMS, you can put spotlight on other aspects that matter for a key-decision maker. Our services include content writing and content management so let us have the honors to do the job for you in the best possible way out there.


Being present on the web is not all. You’ll have to scream out your brand’s name so more people know about it and can engage in your business. For this, you have to get more eyes to your mobile app, website, ecommerce store or blog.

Besides, a well optimized website, app or blog appears on top of the search engine which means your contribution to the web has to beat the competition to secure one of the top 5 positions on the search engines. It’s not as easy as it may sound.

Teqnite has SEO specialists to optimize your portals with frontend and backend SEO, SEM, SMM and CRM techniques that helps users find your web address at the top without wasting time.

Here’s How Teqnite Does it:

We do all this with our undivided attention to the details you provide us. Once your web portals are SEO optimized, you’ll notice the rise in conversions yourself.

Social Media Promotions

Social Media is a powerful tool specially these days and it counts big time to have an established profile on any of the social networking forums. Social media marketing is nothing like how you post on your personal profiles but it needs a more professional approach.

We, at Teqnite Creative Agency, dedicate ourselves to propose our most creative SMM ideas with content marketing, paid ads, influencer marketing and other tactics like giveaways that help you gain recognition over the platforms.

There are numerous studies that show how consumer behavior is changing with time. Now, they don’t directly go to your website. Instead, they visit your social media pages and get an idea of what your brand offers.

SMM is easy with Teqnite’s digital marketing team specializing in the field. With the craft of our logo designers, you are nearer to your social media targets.

We love our clients
from all over the world.

Christine Byers

Marketing Partner - Wake

Very good developer. Able to think outside the box. Always ensures the client is happy with the end result.

Collin Johnson

Media executive - Floraland

Very good developer. Able to think outside the box. Always ensures the client is happy with the end result.

Steve Harts


Very good developer. Able to think outside the box. Always ensures the client is happy with the end result.

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