About Us

Creative Agency

Teqnite Creative Agency came into existence in 2009. Since then, we have evolved as an IT company with our skilled individuals moving forward to the future. We use advanced technology to ensure that our clients get the best of what exists with a perfect blend of human wisdom and creativity.
With Teqnite, you get to work on your business, and we will put our focus on your digital presence. From creating websites to branding your business, we can handle it all. Besides, we are here for our clients 24/7. You’ll get unparalleled support and attention at Teqnite, where we can meet your goals.

Do We Do?

There are hundreds of IT companies giving out their words to be the best. We are different. We don’t make prior promises but let you decide based on how you liked our work.

WE, the Teqnite Creative Agency, are here to create, design, and maintain your website. We can help you with Shopify store creation, design, and optimization. Plus, our graphic designers can empower your brand by creating a unique and interesting image through branding on social media and logo designs. Our team of writers is exceptionally good to bring you business through SEO content that hits your target.

How We
Process Projects?

Our projects are created with special attention to our client’s needs. We listen to you and conceptualize your project. Our next step is the illustration of the idea that we have come up with. This is the initial stage where we entertain revisions until our clients are satisfied. Then, we work on your reviews about the final picture, make color changes, if any, and then finalize the project.

At Teqnite, tomorrow’s best will precede today’s best, and the cycle will continue, so you’ll keep getting the premium version of everything.

Website Designs
and Development

Teqnite has front-end and backend developers who are smart with a problem-solving attitude. The developers are backed with years of experience in the field of web development and design. Besides creating a website from scratch, our developers can put magic to even static websites that you need to maintain.

The developers at Teqnite are fluent in PHP, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, which means you won’t have to go through the switching of service providers. It saves you time and money.


Graphic designing is used as a tool to present your business in the digital world. Teqnite has talented logo designers that understand how you’d like to be presented to the world. They are constantly brainstorming and searching the web to dig out unique designs that relate to your brand and help people recognize your brand.


Teqnite Creative Agency is here to promote your business. Our marketers study your brand’s need for public exposure and work towards it. How do we do it? We analyze your competition and demographic to know the target and hit it with our SEO, SEM, SMM, ORP strategies in place.

Our thought-out strategies attract organic as well as inorganic traffic to your website, which boosts recognition and sales.


Having an online store is a major plus point these days. It helps you reach a wider demographic with no bills or rent. We create, optimize and organize your Shopify stores so you won’t have to divide your attention into different tasks.

We love our clients
from all over the world.

Christine Byers

Marketing Partner - Wake

Very good developer. Able to think outside the box. Always ensures the client is happy with the end result.

Collin Johnson

Media executive - Floraland

Very good developer. Able to think outside the box. Always ensures the client is happy with the end result.

Steve Harts


Very good developer. Able to think outside the box. Always ensures the client is happy with the end result.

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